21 June 2018 WCAFV is proud to be a non-political, non-sectarian and non-governmental organization.  It would seem however that not everyone understands the simplicity of this statement.  Allow me to quantify this by saying that this misperception appears to exist more outside of the WCAFV than within as such. We are non-discriminatory in all facets related to race, gender, ethnic or religious beliefs.  It should be understood, perhaps even embraced

NOTICE Members and Friends of the WCAFV. As our group starts to expand we will hear of rumors and rumors of rumors of who the WCAFV is and what we stand for. Please allow me to state categorically who and what we are.   Firstly we a group of veterans for veterans. We have a brotherhood and understanding of who we are and where we have come from. We are

On Saturday 24th March 2018 the WCAFV held its 1st Parade for 2018. In attendance were members of the WCAFV as well as Associates of the WCAFV where new members were inducted and received full membership certificates. We were also visited by members of the SAKK including General Tromp, representatives of the Goringhaicona Traditional House. Also present was Brigadier Erwin Pape, a 35 year veteran. Members and visitors. Seated Left-Briadier

The WCAFV group is growing at a steady pace with members of the public taking a keen interest in who and what the WCAFV are about. Our last monthly meeting was a great success with new members joining our group.


There have been concerns regarding personal information requested to join the Western Cape Armed Forces Veterans.  The information requested is to ensure that you are a military veteran as all applicants will be vetted. The relevant information is extracted for verification of the applicant and basic data is added to a database which is stored in a cloud. Only 1 person has access to this information and all information is

P R E A M B L E We, the war veterans who have fought for the right of self-determination of peoples and so that mankind might live in peace and dignity, resolve to unite in order to actively contribute to the realization of the aims which the Western Cape Armed Forces Veterans has thus formulated in its Charter:   To maintain National peace and security, and , to that

Welcome to the official Western Cape Veterans page. More posts to follow.