21 June 2018

WCAFV is proud to be a non-political, non-sectarian and non-governmental organization.  It would seem however that not everyone understands the simplicity of this statement.  Allow me to quantify this by saying that this misperception appears to exist more outside of the WCAFV than within as such.

We are non-discriminatory in all facets related to race, gender, ethnic or religious beliefs.  It should be understood, perhaps even embraced that value systems vary from person to person.  Interestingly, this provides an opportunity for us to understand each other better and for us to learn or perhaps even enhance our tolerance to fellowmen thereby undoubtedly growing each of us as individuals and collectively as a group.

WCAFV operate within the South African legal framework and encourage our members to be law-abiding citizens.  This means respecting the principles of human rights and fundamental freedom.  At this time, it is important to request that individuals who are not members of the WCAFV refrain from comment and rather engage with us to discuss and better understand what our responsibilities are as a non-profit organisation in serving our members, the Veterans.  The key to this kind of dialogue is transparency and that is an open offer from the WCAFV.

Warren Jones

Chairman (WCAFV)